Miracle Mold Detox Box – Add Ons

$205.00 or $194.75 / month

As you know, mold can be a considerable problem for patients and detoxing mold from the body is challenging. Dr. Jill teamed up with Dr. Shade and Quicksilver Scientific to create an effective yet gentle, comprehensive 30-day mold detox kit.

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Add-on items

  • 2 Bottles of H2 Elite
  • Microb Manager

H2 Elite
Molecular hydrogen is a unique detoxifying molecule. This formula can support healthy metabolism and encourage a healthy allergic response. It can also support energy.

Microb Manager
A potent combination of compounds and botanicals offering systemic, antimicrobial balance while addressing biofilms and antibiotic-resistant microbes. Active nutrients stabilize mast cell activity and promote a balanced inflammatory response to infection

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Miracle Mold Detox Box

Miracle Mold Detox Box, Miracle Mold Detox Box with Add Ons


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